Get internet that gets you.

Small Business Wireless & Fibre

FibreStream offers Business wireless & fibre Internet solutions with high-speed Internet access, regardless of whether you are a small start-up or a medium enterprise with higher bandwidth requirements. Choose the plan that best suits you and your business. Wireless and Fibre solutions from 10Mbps up to 1000Mbps.

FibreStream assists with the setup and installation of Fibre or Wireless for your office, giving you access to fast internet as well as staying connected with VoIP, Hosting and many other services. The age of digital presentation is here, get internet that understands your business, get internet that gets you.

FibreStream has an exceptional record of being a reputable business wireless & fibre solutions provider. We pride ourselves in flexibility and quality service thus making FibreStream the perfect choice for you and your business.


Get Connected

VoIP solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. Don’t let important calls drop in the midst of conversation due to local network lines, keep the conversation going with internet calls. VoIP works out cheaper than the usual telephone line making it an investment for your business.

Work Uninterupted

At FibreStream we understand that being interupted during your work flow costs you time and money. Genius moments and conversations should never be paused or bare the pain of buffering. Get Wireless or Fibre that is reliable ensuring that you and your business is always connected with a reliable service provider.


Smart Office

Stream, video call, present etc. Connect your office and become a smart office. Impress your clientèle with the best possible presentations. With the advent of latest technology it is imperative to keep your business moving forward to a future of connectivity.

Service Guarantee

Our support team is always available to assist with your queries to help you and/or your family get the best possible service. We can guide you in the right direction of choosing the correct package to suit your internet speed needs and usage requirements.


Fast, reliable
& affordable


Capped or


Super fast upload
& download speeds

Internet that gets you.